Meet The Chef

Chef Ron Levi's Bio

Chef Ron LeviCurrently recognized as the Dr. of Donut Derangement, Chef Ron Levi continues to practice and perfect his skills in the culinary arts.

The long journey started when he was a teen, learning to bake at donut shops in Canada. Passionate about the food industry, he followed a path which included owning and operating a café in Saratoga, CA. and a gourmet sauce business in Gilroy, CA. which earned him many accolades including a Golden Chile award, and Hot Sauce of the Decade.

Chef Ron has created many culinary products as a consultant for well known food companies, and helped to launch many gourmet food start-ups.

With the ever-growing popularity of donuts, Chef Ron has found the perfect canvas to hone his craft, utilizing unorthodox ingredients such as bacon, tequila, and even edible crickets. He is fusing sweet and savory, mimicking cocktails, and even donutizing foods such as sushi, and poutine.

Chef Ron Levi strives to create cutting edge foods by utilizing today’s technology, and social media to keep his finger on the pulse of the latest culinary trends.